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Book reviews - Sensation of a Soul & The Mystic Soul.

Using simple words the author has explained a great deal of what life and relationships are all about. Her thoughtful narration and imagination can be felt throughout and the reader is bound to feel connected.
- Author Farzana Zahid.

Truly a Sensation of a Soul!
- Sohinee Dey.

Checkout the review by Writer Sushil Kumar Rana.

Review by Writer RavindraSingh Thakur.

All the poems and stories are amalgamation of romance, sweetness, grief of separation, suspense and human emotions having a deep hidden message within them and captivates one to fall in love with the book. This book will make the reader a prisoner of poetry.
- Dimple Singh. Author & reviewer.

The poems were meticulously penned giving importance to minute details. The very beauty of the book is that it gave importance to emotions combining Love, Hope, Faith, Desire, Romance and Friendship among others.

Emotions were very well portrayed. Most of the poems could be related to everyone’s life. The author has explored every bit of love.
- Poetry World.

The Mystic Soul is bound to enthrall the readers, brimming with mystery, passion, love, dreams, thrill and excitement. This book ends leaving the readers craving for more!

After reading 'The Mystic Soul', I felt like I have dive in the land of imaginary world where I lived. I cried, I laughed, I enjoyed, I suffered, I relieved.
- Kirti Gupta. Reader.

The Mystic Soul is amazing and captivating!
- Shreyan Laha. Author.

Book Interview with Jyoti Patel.

Interview by - Dhun Zindagi.

Sensation of a Soul - Jyoti Patel.

Interview of Jyoti Patel by Author's Corner.

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