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About JP

Jyoti Patel is currently based in Hyderabad, a student, an ardent lover of western and classical music. She enjoys reading and writing.
She is a blogger, a poetess and has been a contributing poet and author to many anthologies thus, her passion & expertise in poetry and storytelling is very much evident in her first book 'Sensation of a Soul.'
She has an eye of curiosity and an inquisitive sense to explore. There was a time when she wanted to take up wildlife photography as a career.

Her second book, 'The mystic soul' will have you laughing, crying, occasionally scare you at times, most of the poems and micro tales in the book will make you go oh wow.
Once you finish reading the amazingly penned down poetry, It has a bunch of little stories to entertain you until the last word.
The stories essentially covered all that we would have witnessed or experienced in our life. This book hits you emotionally, there are various characters, twists, and the suspense elements in the book, The book takes you to a completely different world, to the another era of life.

This unique book will make a reader go through an emancipating experience as they read. This is not just a book, this is an experience of love, heartbreaks, struggles, dreams and life.

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Team: Yes! I Am Happy
Facilitating Creative Education for Children from Unprivileged Background.

She is now currently busy working on her next book 'Two Hearts, One Soul.'

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