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Friday, 20 April 2018

Some of my favorite movies - (Bollywood)

To start with, I'm not a movie buff. It's a rare thing that I love watching movies - they are not a major part of my existence. In fact, I could go on for months or ages without watching a single movie. But whenever I watch a movie, It surely makes me think deeply. (Whatever movie it is! Failed or Successful) Definitely, there are hundreds of movies which allow us to disconnect, relax, and have a good time. But what's more important for me is the message in the movie. 

I thought I'd give you a list of my very favorite movies - These are some of the wonderful stories guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, swoon, dream and yearn. 

I'm sure lots of people who are reading this post may have never seen these movies. One line for them is - You don’t know what you've been missing!  

My favorite movies are the type that stimulate me mentally and emotionally. The type that can make me feel something, whether that be pure joy, sadness, or just make me very thoughtful in general.

It would be very hard to pick just one movie or two. While preparing this list, I tried to keep myself to 7 but I was unable to do so.

Enjoy watching these movies with a cup of hot chocolate (Or whatever you love to have).

Without wasting any further time, Let us get straight to the list? 😉

~ ~ ~

1. 3 Idiots - (2009)
In college, Farhan and Raju form a great bond with Rancho due to his refreshing outlook. Years later, a bet gives them a chance to look for their long-lost friend whose existence seems rather elusive.

2. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge - (1995)
Raj and Simran meet on Eurail and unknowingly fall for each other. Raj is shattered to learn that she is already engaged. He follows Simran to India in order to win her and her strict father's heart.

3. Lagaan - (2001)
Bhuvan, a farmer from Champaner, accepts the challenge of Captain Andrew Russell to beat the British at a game of cricket and refrain from paying tax for the next three years.

4. Taare Zameen Par - (2007)
The film explores the life and imagination of Ishaan, an 8-year-old dyslexic child. Although he excels in art, his poor academic performance leads his parents to send him to a boarding school. Soon, a new unconventional art teacher, Ram Shankar Nikumbh, helps the dyslexic student discover his hidden potential.

5. Barfi - 2012
Shruti loves Barfi, a hearing and speech-impaired man, but marries someone else. Years later, she learns that he is in love with an autistic girl, and feels the need to rethink her own marriage.

6. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara - 2011
Friends Kabir, Imran and Arjun take a vacation in Spain before Kabir's marriage. The trip turns into an opportunity to mend fences, heal wounds, fall in love with life and combat their worst fears.

7. Dangal - (2016) 
After his failure at winning a gold medal for the country, Mahavir Phogat, a wrestler, vows to realise his dreams by training his daughters for the Commonwealth Games despite societal pressures.

8. Sultan - (2016) 
After the death of his son, Sultan Ali Khan, a middle-aged wrestler, gives up the sport. Years later, he sets out to revive his career as he needs the prize money and wants to regain his lost respect.

9. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag - (2013)
Milkha Singh or the 'Flying Sikh' overcomes many agonising obstacles to become a world champion, Olympian and one of India's most iconic athletes.

10. Jab tak hai jaan - (2012)
Samar is smitten by Meera in London. He returns to India after she leaves him and dedicates himself to the army. Akira falls in love with him but later decides to unite him with Meera.

11. Swades - (2004)
Mohan, a project manager who is employed with NASA, travels to India to take his nanny along with him. Little does he know that this journey will change his life forever.

12. Hindi Medium - (2017)
Raj and Mita yearn to get Pia, their daughter, educated from a reputed school. When they learn that their background is holding her back, they are willing to go to any lengths to change her fate.

13. Paa - (2009)
The film is based on a rare genetic condition known as progeria and places emphasis on a father-son relationship. The 12-year-old Auro, who is raised by his gynaecologist mother Vidya, suffers from a rare genetic disorder called progeria. Auro wants to know about his father but Vidya hides it from him.

14. Kabhi khushi kabhie gham - (2001)
The adopted but much loved older son of a rich couple is banished by his father when he chooses to marry a middle-class girl. With a desire to reunite his family, the younger son sets out to find him.

15. Tumhari Sulu - (2017)
Sulu is an ambitious housewife with a loving husband and a happy family. Things start changing for her when she accidentally lands a job as a radio jockey and her show becomes an instant hit.

16. Fashion - (2008)
Small-town girl Meghna Mathur sets out to fulfil her dream of being a glamourous supermodel. But she soon discovers that in the corrupt world of haute couture, success comes at a price.

17. Karthik calling karthik - (2010)
Karthik, an introvert, is always ridiculed by his boss and throughout his life, he has faced setbacks. However, one day, he receives a phone call from a stranger who promises to transform his life.

18. Chak De ! India - (2007)
Kabir Khan, a former hockey star, tainted as someone who betrayed his country, begins coaching the Indian women's national hockey team to prove his loyalty to the nation.

19. Tubelight - (2017)
Laxman, a feeble young man, has no family except his brother, Bharat. He is heartbroken after a war breaks out between India and China and Bharat is drafted into the army.

20. Bajrangi Bhaijaan - (2015)
Pavan, a devoted follower of Lord Hanuman, faces numerous challenges when he tries to reunite Munni with her family in Pakistan after she gets lost while travelling back home with her mother.

21. Bajirao mastani - (2015)
The heroic Peshwa Bajirao, married to Kashibai, falls in love with Mastani, a warrior princess in distress. They struggle to make their love triumph amid opposition from his conservative family.

22. 2 States - (2014)
It is the story about a couple coming from two different states in India, who face hardships in convincing their parents to approve of their marriage. A story based on the 2009 novel with the same name written by Chetan Bhagat.

23. Mary Kom - (2014)
When Mary Kom encounters a renowned coach in a boxing gym, she shares her boxing aspirations with him and convinces him to teach her. Despite her father's disapproval, she follows her passion.

24. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani - (2013)
Kabir and Naina bond during a trekking trip. Before Naina can express herself, Kabir leaves India to pursue his career. They meet again years later, but he still cherishes his dreams more than bonds.

25. Kal ho na ho - (2003)
Naina, a girl living a dreary life, finds herself a new person when Aman walks into her life. Even though she loves him, Aman claims to be a married man. He convinces Rohit, her friend, to woo her.

26. M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story - 2016
Ranchi boy M S Dhoni aspires to play cricket for India. Though he initially tries to please his father by taking up a job with the Indian Railways, he ultimately decides to chase his dreams. It is based on the life of former Test, ODI and T20I captain of the Indian national cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

27 Wake Up Sid - (2009)
A spoilt, selfish college student, Siddharth Mehra, learns the meaning of life from Aisha, an aspiring writer from Kolkata.

28. Neerja - (2016)
Neerja, a flight attendant, boards Pan Am flight 73 in 1986. Neerja does all she can to stall the terrorists from attacking the passengers on board.
Neerja is the real story of the courageous Neerja Bhanot, who sacrificed her life while protecting the lives of 359 passengers when the flight is hijacked by terrorists.

29. Sixteen - (2013)
Sixteen is a story about lost innocence and teenage heartache. Anu wants to be a model; Nidhi waits for the right time to lose her virginity; Tanisha prefers to date older men; Ashwin's father wants him to be an IAS officer. 
Don't think that this is an another youth movie which shows partying or just dumb youth kind of movie. It isn't!

30. English Vinglish - (2012)
Housewife and caterer Shashi is usually mocked by her family for not knowing English. Her attempt to learn the language helps her rediscover herself and reassert her value as a mother and as a wife.

~ ~ ~ 
So, These are some of the best films which touched my heart. These may not be the best films of the century but these films can certainly strike an unbreakable chord in one's heart.
A rainy day and one of these movies is my idea of heaven. 😍

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