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Friday, 30 March 2018

Our loving hearts. (Last post for March)

Each morning I wake up,
Thinking of you.

Every night I sleep,
Dreaming about us.

I remember you're not with me,
And it makes me feel blue.

I miss your smile,
I miss your touch,
My heart aches so much,
With your absence.

You're so far away from me,
Yet I can still feel you within me.

I would forget about passing time,
If I look into your eyes.

I know, the distance is through the miles,
But not between our loving hearts.
~ ~ ~
From the book, 'The Mystic Soul.'
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*** *** ***
Dear reader, This is the last post of the blog marathon!  I have been  blogging every single day, the whole of this month (March). I'm very much happy right now for successfully completing my task. 😄

Thank you very much for everyone who subscribed, read commented and shared my words. And also thanks to all the silent readers. Some of my reader friends have been really supportive - A big thanks to all of you for that! 😄

This is the very first time I have done something different like this on my blog. And I will be doing the blog marathon every year from now. 😄

I would love to post everyday, either a poem or a beautiful picture or a short story or about my day or anything interesting to make you think - but a new post it shall be for one month, every year! 😄 

Don't forget to subscribe to get all the blog posts in your inbox. 

Jyoti. 😄


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