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Monday, 26 March 2018

My Last Wish. (Note : The saddest poem)

When I looked at you for the first time,
You gave me an instant smile.
Everything around me was filled with glory,
I didn’t know why I was so lost
Gazing at you.
You were alluring!

Then my heart chortled for a while,
And voiced it was my love at first sight.
I loved it every time you caught me
Looking at you as I always wanted to be
The reason for your grin.

Today, on the cold forsaken night
I wish you were here with me.
You always spoke endlessly,
Without prejudice, all we knew was
"It's eternal."
But this day, only thing I can do is
Crawling under my covers
And cry myself to sleep,
World didn't understand us till the day
We have tied the knot a year ago,
After five years of togetherness.

Far across the seashore, you have
Promised to be mine on the night of eve.
My heart beats increased, my hands shivered
Time stood still, eyeballing at you
On the first day I have met you and the last
When I was holding you close and walking
Towards your final journey in the red dress
Motionless, no color hurt me so much ever again.

Oh love, I keep talking to you with a hope
That one day you will get up from
Your bed and hug me tight.
Wipe out my tears and gently whisper
'Baby, I just loved listening to you.'

I wished all the jolly junctures with you
Will last for forever but you
Have left me the sizeable memories
To recall every day in life, until
I meet you again in heaven.

I have a last wish to get you back
And then I won’t let you walk away.
~ ~ ~
From the book, 'The Mystic Soul.'


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