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Sunday, 25 March 2018

Long term relationships, forever & happily ever after.

Before I start writing this article about the long term relationships, forever and always, before I share any of my opinions on certain topics, I would like to first share with you this, to the one who is reading this, I believe in forever and happily ever after.

Maybe, there have been thousands of articles and books written on how to have a long term relationship, The happily ever after stories and how some people end up screwing their relationship due to their own various reasons etc.

Today, through this article 'Long term relationships, forever & happily ever after' I would like to share my opinions on various topics revolving around true love and why do I believe in it though there are millions out there in this world who are left broken, disappointed in love.

Below are the few lines from my second book,
'Life can be tough at times, people can be hard to handle, and things may go upside down as they sometimes will, but during every phase of life if you both can be together, make the ways to come out of the troubles and face the challenges of life together then you know? It’s true.
Meant to be don’t just happen!' - From the book, The Mystic Soul

To describe the quote above, what I mean to say is, there are people who only can see their own perspective but, when we are in a relationship and truly love a person, we need to value that person enough to see the things from their perspective as well in everything. In true love, we can see their real intentions almost always instead of labeling what we think their intentions are. Even though we may find it totally difficult to handle those we love the most at times, a person who is truly in love with another tries his/her best to understand their loved ones through out everything no matter what.
When two people are dedicated to each other, truly in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together face the challenges of life together too. They are the ones who go through everything together, make the ways to come out of the troubles which we see happening only in the true love.
All of these things need a lot of patience, proper communication, trust and contentment that they find with each other. As said in the above phrase, Meant to be don't just happen. it's all about the commitment, dedication to the other person throughout everything and how they're going to withstand the life's most difficult challenges if there would be any, and time to time fights happening between them.

People who are in the long term relationships, the one's who believe in forever and always or have seen couples or working towards such lifelong love with their one and only, and not to forget the happily ever after stories that we get to hear sometimes, I firmly believe and feel that they're all not the people who don't fight with their partner, they are not even the one's who don't lose their hope at times in the worst of phases but they are the one's who undergo everything together, they do fight a lot, they argue, there would be little misunderstandings sometimes but their love on each other cannot be torn apart. By looking at the fight happening between two people, which seems like they probably won't be breaking up anytime soon, anyone who had never been in love may easily suggest to breakup from such toxic relationship but what they don't understood is that It's the unbreakable bond which keeps them together until the last breathe.

It's very much easy to walk away when things get tough, but it's a sign of true and everlasting love to be willing to withstand the pain and discomfort.
A person who only loves the other for their beauty cannot get to see the Forever with a single person. As years pass by, the beauty that they have once seen may fade away but what always remains the same is a good heart. A person who is in lifelong relationship with one person gets to see the actual beauty that lies within in their partner. The beauty doesn't depend on the looks but how a person is treating the other, how much they're willing to help the people in need.

Below is the phrase from my book, questioning the people who are giving a lot of importance only to outside looks of a person and failing to value and appreciate the good heart. They need to know and remember that the actual beauty lies within.

'I will tell you what beauty actually is, you know, being born as a girl is a beauty, growing up and getting married is a kind of beauty. When you offer your hand to help someone brings out the beauty that’s inside you.'

If you ask me or have these questions running in your mind that, How some people can be very much happy in their long term relationship, working towards the forever and giving the hopes to people like me that true love still exists in this world full of people giving the importance to temporary joy, my opinion and the saying would be that, It is the ability of dealing with things with the depth of insight together, their laughter in the misery, their patience and the smiles give the new meaning to their life together.

Happiness can be found in the life long relationships, even after being with the same person for ages, forever do happens but, only if the two people are beautiful from the inside and how do they deal with the problems, how much they're willing to forgive the person for their mistakes in day to day life.

I would like to end the article by sharing few more words from the book 'The Mystic Soul'

'No matter how many riches a person may have, sometimes what we seek the most is a place in someone’s heart. Charming is that man, who educated and raised his children in the meagre salary that he earned as a watchman. Beautiful is that girl who always loved you more than you expected, who helps people, who taught you right from the wrong. A mother who bears the child in her womb for nine months and becoming a mother is beauty. That is the real beauty.'  - The Mystic Soul
Someone once said, If you love someone, do not put their name in a heart because hearts can be broken, instead put their name in a circle, because circles go on forever.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Thank you for being here today! I wish you all the happiness. 😃
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