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Sunday, 4 March 2018

I knew.

I knew from the moment I saw you,
That you would be worth every lonely night
I'd have to spend without you.

For the first time,
When I looked into your eyes,
I saw the belief you had on me.

When I touched your hand for the first time,
I felt the trust you had on me.

When I walk with you,
I feel my journey to be complete.

When I hug you close to my heart,
I can listen to your silence.

When I talk to you, I feel
I am free from all the bondings.

I miss your touch and seeing you smile,
Words will never express,
How I long to be with you.

I will soon be making my way home
to you and I know,
You will be there, waiting for me.
~ ~ ~ 
- Jyoti Patel
From the book, 'The Mystic Soul.'


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