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Friday, 16 March 2018

Follow your dreams but . . .

To start with,
The idea is that the best key to find a happy career is to identify your greatest interest - "your passion" and pursue a career involving your interest. And when we look at successful people, they're often very passionate about what they do.
"Do what you love" is surely a good advice but we also need to learn how to work for money and not only for passion ...
Our passion may not pay the bills. Keeping it in mind, we need to know what to do and how to do it to be happy in life.
You could definitely follow your passion, if you don't really have someone to answer too or If you're rich enough to follow what your heart says. If you have none to question you, to ask what you're doing and why you're doing it but if you have someone at home to take care off, if you're the one who is depended on others, If your passion cannot pay you - then maybe, you still need to give time for your passion.

To be honest, At first - following our passion doesn't always translate into a high paying job but If you have already stepped into the field of your choice or willing too someday, make sure that you research and that you know very well about all the pros and cons of choosing something in your career and life. Maybe the field that you want to get into is competitive, but you always need to stay busy and put yourself out there to get noticed. Opportunities doesn't always come knocking on the door. You need to stand up for yourself, step forward and make the efforts.

To be successful and to lead a happy career life takes time, work through your process and believe that, no matter what, you'll be getting closer to where you want to be. Follow your heart, believe in your dreams and support yourself when no one does yet make sure you're strong enough to handle the negativity spreading by others in your way, be so strong that nothing in this world could break you down in such a way that you won't stand up again. You must get up, stand tall and get your things done. Start with the right perspective - Chase your dreams!

Start doing what you love. Invest your time into it, dedicate yourself to the work that you love - The money will follow. Following our passion can be simultaneously challenging, yet it should be intriguing and motivating us at the same time but, not everything that makes us happy also makes the money. Know that it always takes more than just a passion. You must overcome road blocks and build your skills along the way. Keep the passion alive but don't count on passion alone.

People who got to follow their dream life surely are the luckiest souls. The answer for questions like 'How do I make money doing what I love?' is that you need to do some soul searching and make the time to make it happen. If you're lucky and found the people having similar interests as you or someone to support you throughout everything, consider it as the biggest gift of your life and stick to them. Give your best to the work that you're doing and figure out how to profit from your passion. It may not be as difficult as you're thinking it is in today's world to gain profit out of the work that you're doing from the bottom of your heart. However, you must give some time to everything to fall everything into place. Success doesn't happen overnight and mostly, the very successful people in this world didn't achieve something very great in a day or so. It takes tremendous efforts, passion and giving something much more than what a frustrated person could ever possibly think off.

Everyone needs to know that, no job is 100% fun and awesome, we need to find the real meaning in the work and we need to persevere through setbacks and the failures.

I would like to end this article by wishing you, the one who is reading this the best of life, I wish you get all the joy, the contentment and the satisfaction in life.

Spread love and smiles,
- Jyoti Patel.
~ ~ ~
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