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Friday, 30 March 2018

Our loving hearts. (Last post for March)

Each morning I wake up,
Thinking of you.

Every night I sleep,
Dreaming about us.

I remember you're not with me,
And it makes me feel blue.

I miss your smile,
I miss your touch,
My heart aches so much,
With your absence.

You're so far away from me,
Yet I can still feel you within me.

I would forget about passing time,
If I look into your eyes.

I know, the distance is through the miles,
But not between our loving hearts.
~ ~ ~
From the book, 'The Mystic Soul.'
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*** *** ***
Dear reader, This is the last post of the blog marathon!  I have been  blogging every single day, the whole of this month (March). I'm very much happy right now for successfully completing my task. πŸ˜„

Thank you very much for everyone who subscribed, read commented and shared my words. And also thanks to all the silent readers. Some of my reader friends have been really supportive - A big thanks to all of you for that! πŸ˜„

This is the very first time I have done something different like this on my blog. And I will be doing the blog marathon every year from now. πŸ˜„

I would love to post everyday, either a poem or a beautiful picture or a short story or about my day or anything interesting to make you think - but a new post it shall be for one month, every year! πŸ˜„ 

Don't forget to subscribe to get all the blog posts in your inbox. 

Jyoti. πŸ˜„

Thursday, 29 March 2018

I love you.

The first time you said "I love you too"
My heart started beating like a crazy.
My ears started ringing,
I couldn't believe what I've heard,
What I've witnessed.
You just don't know,
What you have done for me
With those three words.
That was one of those moments,
Where you completely took my breath away.

You are an angel sent from above,
You changed me from the worst to best.

I love you more than anyone,
And if you ever wonder why,
I don't know what I'd speak.

I may run out of things to say,
So I’ll end by the line you already know
"I LOVE YOU" more than what I could show.
From the book, 'The Mystic Soul.'

The destination.

She is an angel,
She is the spark of my eye.
She spreads the melody of love with her lullaby,
She is a sweet sin that showers boons.
Oh, she is my innocent baby
My cute love,
My priceless possession!
My heart has become crazy and mad,
Slowly it has taught how to love,
To the one who never was in love!
As the traveler finds the destination,
I have found her.
~ ~ ~
From the book, 'The Mystic Soul.'

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Cry over.

I still love you and always will,
You left and I never saw you again.

I still think about our special times,
I need you the most, I beg to god
To bring you back.

Now I listen to our songs...
Cherish all our memories.

I wake up in the morning,
And I look up to the sky
I ask the sun 'why'.

On the darkest night
I stare up at the moon,
I wonder why he took you.

You gave me so much to remember.
And the great sorrow, to cry over.
~ ~ ~
From the book, 'The Mystic Soul.'

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

A rare soul.

She fights her demons,
And slays her dragons.

She pushes you away,
She loves you harder.

She is scared,
She is brave.

She feels too much,
She feels not enough.

Her voice, the precious melody
Her eyes, bright and strong.

She is dying inside,
She wouldn't let you know.

She is the gentle rain,
She is the thunder lightning,

She is the light that leads,
And an anger that forgives.

She is a contradiction, a pendulum.
She is a rare soul!
~ ~ ~
From the book, 'The Mystic Soul.'

Monday, 26 March 2018

My Last Wish. (Note : The saddest poem)

When I looked at you for the first time,
You gave me an instant smile.
Everything around me was filled with glory,
I didn’t know why I was so lost
Gazing at you.
You were alluring!

Then my heart chortled for a while,
And voiced it was my love at first sight.
I loved it every time you caught me
Looking at you as I always wanted to be
The reason for your grin.

Today, on the cold forsaken night
I wish you were here with me.
You always spoke endlessly,
Without prejudice, all we knew was
"It's eternal."
But this day, only thing I can do is
Crawling under my covers
And cry myself to sleep,
World didn't understand us till the day
We have tied the knot a year ago,
After five years of togetherness.

Far across the seashore, you have
Promised to be mine on the night of eve.
My heart beats increased, my hands shivered
Time stood still, eyeballing at you
On the first day I have met you and the last
When I was holding you close and walking
Towards your final journey in the red dress
Motionless, no color hurt me so much ever again.

Oh love, I keep talking to you with a hope
That one day you will get up from
Your bed and hug me tight.
Wipe out my tears and gently whisper
'Baby, I just loved listening to you.'

I wished all the jolly junctures with you
Will last for forever but you
Have left me the sizeable memories
To recall every day in life, until
I meet you again in heaven.

I have a last wish to get you back
And then I won’t let you walk away.
~ ~ ~
From the book, 'The Mystic Soul.'

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Long term relationships, forever & happily ever after.

Before I start writing this article about the long term relationships, forever and always, before I share any of my opinions on certain topics, I would like to first share with you this, to the one who is reading this, I believe in forever and happily ever after.

Maybe, there have been thousands of articles and books written on how to have a long term relationship, The happily ever after stories and how some people end up screwing their relationship due to their own various reasons etc.

Today, through this article 'Long term relationships, forever & happily ever after' I would like to share my opinions on various topics revolving around true love and why do I believe in it though there are millions out there in this world who are left broken, disappointed in love.

Below are the few lines from my second book,
'Life can be tough at times, people can be hard to handle, and things may go upside down as they sometimes will, but during every phase of life if you both can be together, make the ways to come out of the troubles and face the challenges of life together then you know? It’s true.
Meant to be don’t just happen!' - From the book, The Mystic Soul

To describe the quote above, what I mean to say is, there are people who only can see their own perspective but, when we are in a relationship and truly love a person, we need to value that person enough to see the things from their perspective as well in everything. In true love, we can see their real intentions almost always instead of labeling what we think their intentions are. Even though we may find it totally difficult to handle those we love the most at times, a person who is truly in love with another tries his/her best to understand their loved ones through out everything no matter what.
When two people are dedicated to each other, truly in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together face the challenges of life together too. They are the ones who go through everything together, make the ways to come out of the troubles which we see happening only in the true love.
All of these things need a lot of patience, proper communication, trust and contentment that they find with each other. As said in the above phrase, Meant to be don't just happen. it's all about the commitment, dedication to the other person throughout everything and how they're going to withstand the life's most difficult challenges if there would be any, and time to time fights happening between them.

People who are in the long term relationships, the one's who believe in forever and always or have seen couples or working towards such lifelong love with their one and only, and not to forget the happily ever after stories that we get to hear sometimes, I firmly believe and feel that they're all not the people who don't fight with their partner, they are not even the one's who don't lose their hope at times in the worst of phases but they are the one's who undergo everything together, they do fight a lot, they argue, there would be little misunderstandings sometimes but their love on each other cannot be torn apart. By looking at the fight happening between two people, which seems like they probably won't be breaking up anytime soon, anyone who had never been in love may easily suggest to breakup from such toxic relationship but what they don't understood is that It's the unbreakable bond which keeps them together until the last breathe.

It's very much easy to walk away when things get tough, but it's a sign of true and everlasting love to be willing to withstand the pain and discomfort.
A person who only loves the other for their beauty cannot get to see the Forever with a single person. As years pass by, the beauty that they have once seen may fade away but what always remains the same is a good heart. A person who is in lifelong relationship with one person gets to see the actual beauty that lies within in their partner. The beauty doesn't depend on the looks but how a person is treating the other, how much they're willing to help the people in need.

Below is the phrase from my book, questioning the people who are giving a lot of importance only to outside looks of a person and failing to value and appreciate the good heart. They need to know and remember that the actual beauty lies within.

'I will tell you what beauty actually is, you know, being born as a girl is a beauty, growing up and getting married is a kind of beauty. When you offer your hand to help someone brings out the beauty that’s inside you.'

If you ask me or have these questions running in your mind that, How some people can be very much happy in their long term relationship, working towards the forever and giving the hopes to people like me that true love still exists in this world full of people giving the importance to temporary joy, my opinion and the saying would be that, It is the ability of dealing with things with the depth of insight together, their laughter in the misery, their patience and the smiles give the new meaning to their life together.

Happiness can be found in the life long relationships, even after being with the same person for ages, forever do happens but, only if the two people are beautiful from the inside and how do they deal with the problems, how much they're willing to forgive the person for their mistakes in day to day life.

I would like to end the article by sharing few more words from the book 'The Mystic Soul'

'No matter how many riches a person may have, sometimes what we seek the most is a place in someone’s heart. Charming is that man, who educated and raised his children in the meagre salary that he earned as a watchman. Beautiful is that girl who always loved you more than you expected, who helps people, who taught you right from the wrong. A mother who bears the child in her womb for nine months and becoming a mother is beauty. That is the real beauty.'  - The Mystic Soul
Someone once said, If you love someone, do not put their name in a heart because hearts can be broken, instead put their name in a circle, because circles go on forever.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Thank you for being here today! I wish you all the happiness. πŸ˜ƒ
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Saturday, 24 March 2018

I can't deny.

I love you with my heart,
I love you with my soul.
Staring into your eyes,
My dreams come true.
We fight a lot, making bends
But you are the only one
I cannot resist.
You trick me with your charm,
Make me smile all day long.
Million stars up in the sky,
Yet you shine brighter, I can't deny.
~ ~ ~

Friday, 23 March 2018

Thinking of you.

If only you knew,
What you have done to me.

If only you could see,
The way you destroyed my heart.

If only you could think,
How much I loved you.

If only you could realize,
The pain inside me.

Whatever I did,
I did for your sake.

Today, not only the dark night
But everything scares me,
Thinking of you.
~ ~ ~
From the book, 'The Mystic Soul.'

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

The distance.

Even after her kajal fades,
Her smile still stays.

There is comfort in the fact
She loves me, in disparate ways
She impacts me.

My happiness, my soul she is,
She took away my chaos.

She got a blink and a wink,
Staring at her, my cheeks tint.

The distance between us, never did matter,
For her, I can even get myself shattered.
~ ~ ~

Mystery. (2nd post of the day)

Life is too short,
Humans are hard to understand.

Things are not, what they seem,
People are not what they show.

Many have tried,
Most have failed.

The more we fail,
The more we know.

Life is strange with its
Twists and turns.

Everything seems to go wrong,
As they sometimes will.

Life is a puzzle,
The mystery, so are we.
~ ~ ~
From the book, 'The Mystic Soul.'

Today ~ Just a random painting for you. 

I started to paint from January 2018. Before then, I never really had any interest in painting or could even think of anything to draw or paint. But everyone has to start somewhere and the first try isn't always a success.

'Every artist was an absolute beginner at some stage.' said someone. 
~ ~ ~ 

Monday, 19 March 2018

Kay and my bae.

Sit back! Smile! & Have a good laugh!
~ ~ ~

I love you,
I miss you,
I wanna kiss you.

Hugging you tightly,
Whispering gently.

My bunny,
Funny things you do.
On the sunny day,
"Honey" you named me.

You are the kay,
You make my day,
You are my bae.
~ ~ ~
From the book, 'The Mystic Soul.'

Who doesn't like funny love poetry? πŸ˜ƒ

Comment, share & let me know your thoughts.

My hearts maim.

I watched your every breath,
As your last breath grew closer,
‘Please don't go!’ I cried.

My heart continually breaking,
‘Please god!’ I begged.

I didn't want to believe it,
It was so cruel and not fair.

I held your beautiful face,
Then I realized that you are in peace.

You will always be in my heart,
Forever, in my thoughts.

I put on a fake smile to hide my pain,
So that no one knows, my hearts maim.

~ ~ ~

Saturday, 17 March 2018

I pray to god.

Love is in the drizzle,
That makes the seedlings grow,
Your love is what keeps me alive.

Your love is what that filled
The life with colors.

The magic of your love and the happiness,
And the joy you spread is all around me.

Your eyes so full of life,
So warming and caring.

I want nobody but you,
We still have a long way to walk.

You did some magic,
I can hear the musical melodies all around.

You complete me in every way,
And I pray to god, you never go away.
~ ~ ~

Friday, 16 March 2018


Lies the heaven made for me,
Within your soul.

Lies the love I've always pursued,
Within your heart.

Lies all the beauty of the world,
Within your eyes.

You always took away all my fears,
With your words, from the distance.

The way you love,
Showed me that love could last.

The days I hurt you,
Just makes me want to cry.

We have been through so much,
And time just seems to fly.

You take away my insecurities,
and replace them
with the wonderful thoughts.

I lose myself in our songs,
I listen to our words all day long.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
From the book, 'The Mystic Soul.'

Follow your dreams but . . .

To start with,
The idea is that the best key to find a happy career is to identify your greatest interest - "your passion" and pursue a career involving your interest. And when we look at successful people, they're often very passionate about what they do.
"Do what you love" is surely a good advice but we also need to learn how to work for money and not only for passion ...
Our passion may not pay the bills. Keeping it in mind, we need to know what to do and how to do it to be happy in life.
You could definitely follow your passion, if you don't really have someone to answer too or If you're rich enough to follow what your heart says. If you have none to question you, to ask what you're doing and why you're doing it but if you have someone at home to take care off, if you're the one who is depended on others, If your passion cannot pay you - then maybe, you still need to give time for your passion.

To be honest, At first - following our passion doesn't always translate into a high paying job but If you have already stepped into the field of your choice or willing too someday, make sure that you research and that you know very well about all the pros and cons of choosing something in your career and life. Maybe the field that you want to get into is competitive, but you always need to stay busy and put yourself out there to get noticed. Opportunities doesn't always come knocking on the door. You need to stand up for yourself, step forward and make the efforts.

To be successful and to lead a happy career life takes time, work through your process and believe that, no matter what, you'll be getting closer to where you want to be. Follow your heart, believe in your dreams and support yourself when no one does yet make sure you're strong enough to handle the negativity spreading by others in your way, be so strong that nothing in this world could break you down in such a way that you won't stand up again. You must get up, stand tall and get your things done. Start with the right perspective - Chase your dreams!

Start doing what you love. Invest your time into it, dedicate yourself to the work that you love - The money will follow. Following our passion can be simultaneously challenging, yet it should be intriguing and motivating us at the same time but, not everything that makes us happy also makes the money. Know that it always takes more than just a passion. You must overcome road blocks and build your skills along the way. Keep the passion alive but don't count on passion alone.

People who got to follow their dream life surely are the luckiest souls. The answer for questions like 'How do I make money doing what I love?' is that you need to do some soul searching and make the time to make it happen. If you're lucky and found the people having similar interests as you or someone to support you throughout everything, consider it as the biggest gift of your life and stick to them. Give your best to the work that you're doing and figure out how to profit from your passion. It may not be as difficult as you're thinking it is in today's world to gain profit out of the work that you're doing from the bottom of your heart. However, you must give some time to everything to fall everything into place. Success doesn't happen overnight and mostly, the very successful people in this world didn't achieve something very great in a day or so. It takes tremendous efforts, passion and giving something much more than what a frustrated person could ever possibly think off.

Everyone needs to know that, no job is 100% fun and awesome, we need to find the real meaning in the work and we need to persevere through setbacks and the failures.

I would like to end this article by wishing you, the one who is reading this the best of life, I wish you get all the joy, the contentment and the satisfaction in life.

Spread love and smiles,
- Jyoti Patel.
~ ~ ~
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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Together and forever.

I love you honey with all of my heart,
Together forever and never to part.
You are the sun that shines bright,
You are the moon that shimmers.
You are the gravity that holds me,
You are stars that glimmer.
I see you in my thoughts and dreams,
I see you every second of life.
I see you standing next to me,
I can feel you with all my heart.
I feel your warmth at my side,
The pain in my heart
moves to my eyes each night.
You are the one I need,
You are the one I want, though
You aren't here to comfort me,
But soon I hope you will be.

- Jyoti Patel
From the book, 'The Mystic Soul.'
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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Monday, 12 March 2018

You broke, again!

When all I gave you was love,
Why would you make me feel the pain?

You promised me,
You promised me that
You will never leave me
And you'll never be one of them
But of course in the end
That’s what, you did!

You always broke your promises
And the biggest promise, you broke again!
~ ~ ~

I assure.

My mighty king,
My man,
My love you are.
I don’t write your name
In the sky because,
The wind may blow it away.
If I write it on the sand,
The waves may wash it away.
So, I wrote your name in my heart
I assure forever it will stay.

~ ~ ~
From the book, 'The Mystic Soul.'

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Valentine Week Special - 2018

A portrait that gave me joy.

A painting I made in the second month of the year, during the Valentine Week. A portrait that gave me joy. Painting is one thing that is giving me the immense happiness, apart from my writing these days!

Along with the painting, I also wanted to share one of the most loved short story of mine here on the blog today. Those who are connected with me on my Facebook Page may already have read this on the very special day of February. 

~ ~ ~ 


I feel, 
Their love is in the air, guys! 

~ ~ ~

Friday, 9 March 2018


The first hand I held,
The first one I cared for.
The first lips I touched,
The only one I ever loved.
We made it happen,
After a long wait, I held you tight.
We weren't allowed to talk,
But still, we managed.
I held you so tight,
I didn't want to let go.
You were the first one I ever cried for,
Besides my daddy when he left me.
I remember the way you caressed me,
I can always feel your hands over mine.
The feelings I feel for you,
I’m never letting them go.
- Jyoti Patel
From the book, 'The Mystic Soul.'

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Let myself die.

I heard the footsteps,
Late in the night.

I locked up and never spoke,
I knew it would be another long night.

His ruthless and cruel words,
Tears streaming from my eyes.

My mind completely lost,
My body is beyond broken.

With his hand over my mouth,
I kept howling 'stop'.

They see me smile,
But if they only knew...

All alone I sit and cry,
I just want to let myself die.
~ ~ ~

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Lessons I’ve learned in the 18+ years of my life.

~ A smile and the kind words have so much power.

~ We don't always get treated in life the way we treat others.

~ Believe in yourself, Give your best to everything and know that your one failure is not final.

~ No matter how good you are, chances are that others can hate you the most but you don't always have to care about what other's think of you. Just do good, be good and spread smiles.

~ We are all a little broken,
Somewhere, Somehow, Sometime.
& that's okay!

~ Time heals all wounds is one of the biggest lie! Time does not heal all the wounds.
Some words, some memories stays with us forever. 

~ Have patience.
Sometimes, Great things can take a lot of time and we need to learn how to be patient. The way we act during this stage of waiting for someone or something to happen matters much more.

~ We can't please everyone in life. If you know what you're doing is not wrong, if you're not hurting someone, if it's not really wrong then there is nothing to be worried about. Let's give more and expect less.

~ Admitting mistakes, apologizing is very important in life but change! Someone can't just apologize and disappear. We need to be responsible. We have to clean up our mess. Actions are much more important than the words. Don't repeat the same mistake over and over again and end up saying sorry. 'I'm Sorry' just isn't enough always! 
If you still have the chance to undo the hurt with your actions, then you should. You must!

There are many more important lessons that I've learned in the 18+ years of my life. I will try to come up with few more posts in the future, someday! I hope, this post could be of some help and inspire someone, somewhere.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Jyoti Patel

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

The time will amend.

Lost is the guy
With the lonely heart,
A girl, waiting for her love
With a long and weary smile.

She stole his heart,
Before he'd even seen.

She'd be his princess,
And he'd be her prince,
Though far away.
He was born to love her
All of his life.

He knows in his heart,
A connection between them
Cannot be torn apart.

She awaits his return,
Love brought them near,
And will see them to the end.

Together they’ll be,
Their distance, the time will amend.

- Jyoti Patel
From the book, 'The Mystic Soul.'

You’re spread all over.

Let me hold you tight,
Let me hold you firmly,
And whisper in your ears.
My heart is immersed in your love,
You are filled in my solitary thoughts,
And in every breathe I take.
I can feel the love in your smile,
You are the life of my dreams.
Just like the sky,
You’re spread all over! And
You twinkle inside me like a star.

~ ~ ~
From the book, 'The Mystic Soul.'

Sunday, 4 March 2018

I knew.

I knew from the moment I saw you,
That you would be worth every lonely night
I'd have to spend without you.

For the first time,
When I looked into your eyes,
I saw the belief you had on me.

When I touched your hand for the first time,
I felt the trust you had on me.

When I walk with you,
I feel my journey to be complete.

When I hug you close to my heart,
I can listen to your silence.

When I talk to you, I feel
I am free from all the bondings.

I miss your touch and seeing you smile,
Words will never express,
How I long to be with you.

I will soon be making my way home
to you and I know,
You will be there, waiting for me.
~ ~ ~ 
- Jyoti Patel
From the book, 'The Mystic Soul.'