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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Our souls intertwine.

You are my sky,
Feelings like this I cannot deny,

Staring at you,
A hidden passion burned brightly
released in each sigh.

I love you with every breath I take,
with the each beat of my heart.

I love you with a love like no other,
My life is complete, only with you.

My soul mate, my lover, and my best friend you are
for now, forever and for always my baby you shall be.

I love you with everything that I am,
With my life full of your love.

You are the miracle that makes my life complete,
Our love grows great as our souls intertwine.
~ ~ ~
- Jyoti Patel
From the book, 'The Mystic Soul.'
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Sunday, 25 February 2018

A new experience.

She has always given more than she could; she is a girl who is more than just an 'I love you.'

She showered him with endless love which she has failed to receive in her own life.

She showed him something so much better than she got in her life, knowing that how it feels not to be loved truly.

She don’t do a single thing out of any expectations, just that she knows so well how it feels to lose the true love in life.

She was always there to understand, to compromise, to forgive, to learn, to teach and to explore yet crying her to sleep that night, her thoughts changed to her father.

People say the one who goes into the heaven become a star, believing so, looking up at the sky and those gleaming stars.
'Are you there, dad?' She gently asked the god in the silence
Neither the god answered nor the love of her life soothed her a little in the worst of moments.
That’s what life is!

The life can teach us in so many different ways. Every day with a new experience!

~ Jyoti Patel.
From the book, 'The Mystic Soul.'
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