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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

I'm sorry & Thank you.

Thank you for leaving me alone when I was sad, crying and dying every minute.
Thank you for never supporting me, never encouraging me. 
Thank you for never appreciating me, and the things I have done for you, for us.
Thank you for taking me for granted.
Thank you for making me feel low often. 
Thank you for never being there, when I needed you the most. 
Thank you for breaking the promises often. And the most biggest promise that you've made.
Thank you for asking me to leave you.
Thank you for all the excuses you've made.
Thank you for saying everything that you've said rudely. And finally, 
Thank you for changing yourself so much that I often wondered, 'Are you really the one who proposed me, who needed me the most, who was once there for me all the time!'
I'm sorry that I care for you so much, I'm sorry that I love you very much.
I'm sorry for forgiving you always. I'm sorry that I accepted you, I'm very sorry that I never had the courage to let you go even when you wanted, sorry for fighting for us, I'm sorry for not giving up long ago, I'm sorry that I always trusted you, I'm sorry for crying hard for you, I'm sorry for the things I have done for you and us. I'm sorry for trying so hard. I'm sorry that I had no strength to leave you though you made me cry often, though you wanted to leave, though you had no courage to fight for us.

I was there, I was always there for you. I did everything that I could do for you. Never did in my wildest of dreams I thought of hurting you, but you blamed me, you often said I'm the reason behind your anger, frustration and sadness. 
Where are those days gone, my love? 
When you wanted only me, those days when every word I spoke was your favorite, every minute we've got to spend together was appreciated greatly. Those days, when you often reminded me of how much you love me and miss me the most. 
Why did you change yourself so much?

Was I never there for you? Don't I give you my best? Where did I go wrong?

Oh yes! After all, it was my mistake. Everything was my mistake, I feel. I'm sorry not only for coming into your life, but I wish that I was dead on the day I was born. That's how the people I love the most on this earth made me feel often. But I never expected you to do that to me. I thought you were different, I thought that I'm worth fighting for at least for you, oh! I'm sorry, I thought you loved me, needed us together and could really stand for us, our promises and the future.
Thank you for giving up on us.

The wrong girl, you met and left.
The one, who was always there. 
The one, who is now dying each second.
Oh yes! Thank you so much and I'm sorry.


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