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Monday, 6 November 2017

The inner space.

A man with the narrower points of view, a woman with the shorter temperaments is busy cursing one other, in the sky high building, on the wider highways they roam but with no deeper feelings. 
They all spend more but enjoy less. They have the bigger houses but no loved ones. 
They have more compromises and less time. 
The one’s who think of gaining the more knowledge of the world but have the less judgment. 
Some of the people have multiplied the possessions but reduced the values. 
Some talk pretty much but love only a little, some are having so much of hate in their little hearts. 

Some are having the higher income but fewer morals. 
The more liberty one has got, but the less true joy he experienced. 
Somewhere next to road, a baby has nothing to eat and someone has too much of food with less nutrition. 
Most of the people in the world have conquered the outer space, but for definitely not their inner space.

- Jyoti Patel.


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